Charme Maison is the real estate brand with more than twenty years of professional and building experience of Risso brothers in Courmayeur and throughout Valle d’Aosta and international territories.

Our keywords are tradition and innovation: we create prestigious properties that are unique for high-end finishes and for contemporary and customizable architectural solutions.

Particular attention is paid to the most innovative technologies and best energy classes, to ensure every comfort in perfect synthesis between cost optimization and respect for the environment.


Charme Maison performs renovations and proposes for sale valuable properties, both for the care and mastery with which it intervenes in construction sites, both for the attention paid to energy aspects, in the belief that today we should build houses with the parameters of the future and use the best real estate technology, in total respect for the environment.

Environmental compatibility

Particular importance is given to the choice of materials and finishes, all selected to optimize the thermal and acoustic inertia within our apartments. We renovate houses with wood and stone using avantgarde domotics technology, aimed at obtaining the greatest savings with the greatest efficiency. All the components of the building, from simple low-consumption lighting fixtures to the common plant design of the entire building, respond to the principle of maximum yield.
In this direction goes also the choice of the energy sources used to power the properties, whether they are luxury apartments or charming chalets; everything is strictly based on savings and efficiency. Charme Maison has realized in Courmayeur one of the most efficient real estate, “La Montanina”, feeding the whole house with solar and geothermal sources and without using any fossil fuel.

Architectural tradition

All design choices that use the most modern building technologies, never neglect the aesthetic aspect of the local architectural tradition: wood and stone are the conductive elements of our every intervention.

Customizing customer needs

Properties are managed by Charme Maison starting from careful architectural and structural planning, intervening with their own workers on building sites and directly marketing their apartments or chalets.
Our building philosophy is always applied to the whole production process, both for the new properties and for the renovation of existing buildings, as well as in the restoration and conservative renovation.
Charme Maison proposals are the result of twenty years of activity in Valle d’Aosta region and the full satisfaction of all our customers today is our best reference.



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