Real estate investments

Stock exchanges all over the world are now cyclically experiencing periods of great crisis, and the global economic situation is in a state of uncertainty.
This situation induces investors to fall back on real estate market, which is considered one of the most profitable in the long term.

To counterbalance non-premium income values, if compared to the promises of other forms of investment, there is the risk factor that is much lower.
Furthermore, brick department in Italy is traditionally the most frequented also by small savers. Buying a house can be the best way to allocate your capital, subtract from consumption, to an investment that reduces losing risk.

Following a period of about a decade of constant increase in property valuations, today we find ourselves in interesting conditions for buyers, keeping in mind some general rules.

First of all, there is a Real Estate Market Observatory made available by the Territory Agency which is a useful tool to verify an compare. In addition, a high-quality property always tends to increase its value and more easily mantain it than low-value properties. Also, prestigious geographical areas guarantee future purchase demand as well as areas of cultural and natural interest.

In this sense, we can quote the article of italian newspaper Sole 24ore (August 8, 2009, signed by Vito Lops in which it was reported that, while all italian tourist areas in Italy showed an average decrease of – 6.3%, the only data against the trend was that of Courmayeur, which recorded a 4.2% increase.

All Charme Maison sale proposals are prestigious ones and represent an intelligent investment whether they are villas, chalets or lodges. Come and visit them, contact Charme Maison.

Second house purchase

Today, buying a house in a tourist location with correct timing can be an interesting and viable choice.

Certainly, the value of a mountain property is a more usable investment for a better de-seasonalization of its use, compared to a house by the sea. Added values are the excellence of recreational and leisure offers in Valle d ‘Aosta, an efficient network of services and high-quality hospitality standards of the region.

In this regional context, Charme Maison properties take into account, already under construction, future parameters of quality and environmental compatibility.

An example above all is “La Montanina” in Courmayeur: one of the most efficient properties, entirely powered by solar and geothermal sources, remote-controlled with domotics technology and without using any fossil fuel. It also represents a good investment in terms of environmental impact and management costs.
The importance of building renovation criteria helps to keep property value high in the future. Belonging to an excellent energetic class is a lasting added value to real estate investment. In addition, local quality policies are currently being discussed by those who will renovate or build, following rigorous parameters that are the same already used in Charme Maison properties.
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